About Us

The Pearl Beach Progress Association is managed by an Executive Committee. This committee is comprises the president, two vice-presidents, the treasurer, the secretary, an assistant secretary, a publicity officer and four ordinary members. The ballot for the election of office-bearers and ordinary members of the executive committee is conducted at the annual general meeting.

Membership is available to anyone who is 16 years of age or older and lives in Pearl Beach, or are owners of property in Pearl Beach, and the immediate families of such persons.

The cost of membership is $10 per annum.

Membership forms can be obtained by emailing us, contacting a member of the Executive Committee or collected from the display box next to the Hall noticeboard.

Executive Committee Members – 2012-13

Roger Murray (0418 634 773) – President
Ross Christie – Vice President
Tom Sarti – Vice President

Carole Saint – Treasurer
Penny Carle (0418 474 105) – Secretary

Lynne Lillico – Communications officer
Bill Abbott – Committee Member
Paul Barclaire – Committee Member
Bev Kingston -Committee Member
Gordon Pelletier – Committee Member

Contact Details:

Email: pearlbeachprogressassociation@gmail.com
Mail: The Secretary
Pearl Beach Progress Association Inc, 9 Diamond Road, Pearl Beach 2256
Website: www.pearlbeach.net.au